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Abstract paintings - what is it?

Abstract art - or in this case abstract paintings - is art that, basically, does not imagine anything particular. The artist may have had a certain interpretation of the subject and have an opinion or idea of ​​what to imagine. Others who look at the work may have different ideas about what's going on. It may also change over time. That you see new delights and patterns that you have not noticed before, and the painting thus gets a new dimension. It is wonderful at the abstract. At gallery our main focus is the abstract. The abstract fits in particularly well into the modern home, which features a very stylish and elegant decor in the form of the room's structure as well as the furniture. The abstract art helps here to loosen a little bit of a bit dull and stylish look. If you have such a home and the colors may be very neutral - black, white, silver gray, you can choose an abstract painting with many powerful colors. This will undoubtedly give that room a fantastic boost of energy, and will create a harmonious synergy effect with the remaining furniture. However, if you live in a home that already features many colors, you can either acquire some paintings that match the colors you have or choose some that are built around more earthy colors. In our gallery we have a wide selection of abstract paintings in many different sizes and in many different colors. We have abstract paintings on a single canvas. or as group paintings. The latter is a type of art that is gaining ground in the art world. Here, in reality, there is some kind of art in the art, by sharing a motif - or in this case an abstract motif - in addition to several canvases. All these doctrines together form one painting, but it gives a unique and special expression to cut the painting into several bites. Although our main focus is abstract, it does not mean that we do not focus on other art. You can go back to our front page and give you an overview of all our paintings in our gallery. According to Wikipedia , abstract art is "non-figurative art, that is, art of painting that does not imagine or imitate objects. The abstract art does not use the shapes and colors to represent something specific by looking like this, but allows them to appear in their own right. yet still linked to meanings and ideas - but just on a more abstract level. "

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